A Handful of Singers  auditioned

Bath Camerata   auditioned

Bath Community Gospel Choir no auditions

Bath Community Singers no auditions

Bath Cantata Group auditioned

Bath Good Afternoon Choir no auditions

Bath Late Evening Session – Rock Choir

Bath Male Voice Choir  auditioned, male only

Bath Minerva Choir no auditions

City of Bath Bach Choir auditioned

Citysound Choir

Humbugs no auditions, for adults but ‘child-friendly’

Organum  no auditions

Sasparella auditioned, female only

Share the Harmony  no auditions

Songways   no auditions

South West Festival Chorus  no auditions

The Bath Chorus  auditioned

The Silver Ring Choir  no auditions

Walcot State Choir  no auditions

Welcome Choir  no auditions


Bath Childrens Choir  no auditions

Bath Youth Gospel Choir  auditionedMelody Makers  auditioned

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